In October 2017, the communist party of China (CPC) held a victory in Beijing.In the assembly and the ecological and environmental problems have been clearly into the main contradiction of the primary stage of socialism, and put forward a complete mid-century the goal of ecological civilization construction in our country, and deploy the prominent environmental problems, promote the green development, governance of ecosystem protection and reform the ecological environment regulation system four big tasks.President xi stressed that green mountain is the silver mountain of jinshan.To make the people see the mountains, see the water and remember the homesickness, they also pointed out in the report that "we will resolutely follow the path of civilized development with the development of production, the prosperity of life and the good ecology."Pollution problem has always been our country villages and towns environmental governance pain points and difficulties, environmental protection of the CPC leading group and minister li ganjie said in the big press conference, improve the ecological environment is an important part of rural revitalization strategy.Since 2008, the central government has allocated a total of 375 billion yuan to improve the rural environment, and the total number of rural residents has benefited from the renovation of 110,000 villages and about 200 million rural residents.In 2020, 200,000 villages will be comprehensively remediation, covering about a third of the administrative villages in China.In addition, rural ecological environment protection regulation to prevent urban pollution from transferring to the countryside;It is an important part to promote the prevention and control of livestock and poultry breeding, comprehensive utilization of straw, pollution prevention and control of pesticide fertilizer, sewage of rural living and dispersed sewage, and also the environmental treatment of villages and towns.
As an important platform to promote rural environmental governance and the window, in line with results from industry, service industry, to further promote the development of the rural environmental governance in our country, in the educational world and the industry of academicians, experts, scholars and enterprises, under the support of the "neon media to recognize" joint each big media co-sponsored, treats "2018 the second China rural environment comprehensive peak BBS (RET) 2018" will be on March 28, 2018-29, held in hangzhou, this conference to "governance of rural environmental pollution, construction beautiful country" as the theme, will have 30 games a high level of communication, academic report and the wall newspaper 10 VIP fair, at the same time there are about 150 + professionals to participate in the meeting.We will strive to make the conference the most forward-looking and representative of the village and township environmental governance industry.

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